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Radio commentary
Radio commentary
BBC Radio Lincolnshire Hortin & Thommo51 Votes - [91.07%]
Key or Ashston5 Votes - [8.93%]

22 October 2017 19:32 Post ID: #746361 - in reply to #746352
95 Tommy Northcott
The Electric Banana - 22/10/2017 19:25

The Imposter - 21/10/2017 19:59

I have heard that Liam Scully is fully aware of how bad the 'three amigos' are, but I am not really sure what he is going to do about it.

Hopefully, adios amigos.

Had no idea you felt this way.

Here is my point: You seem to have taken this thread to an unnecessary level. You have made 16 posts of which seven contain personal and derogatory language. These people have feelings and whatever anyone says, they care about the club.

It is a shame you seem so bitter because you make some really good and important points. To make proper judgments we need to know the basis upon which the club decided to go down the route they did. Constructive criticism should be welcomed and personal attacks should be frowned upon.

Just my opinion.

BTW I pay $140 for the service.

Edited by ImpAlaska 22/10/2017 20:02
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22 October 2017 22:48 Post ID: #746384 - in reply to #736184
100 Colin Alcide
I currently subscribe to the overseas package which gets me live streams. That in itself is fantastic, that I can watch matches live. I choose to listen without commentary and generally I don't mind that, despite the couple of second lag in audio. Sometimes you can get the away commentary available which is of little interest to me, however I'd like the option to have home commentary should I wish to do so, like many other clubs do.

I'd very much prefer the BBC commentary with the match and would choose not to listen to the current offering (I can if I choose commentary only) and go with just the live stream.

It would be interesting to know one way or another why the club cannot opt for the BBC stream as this is clearly the preferred option of the majority here. And also why even the current offering is not available to live stream subscribers. Liam?

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23 October 2017 09:38 Post ID: #746420 - in reply to #736184
Would there be a way of being able to choose between both for, say, 5 games?

That'd then give a good indication of where people's preference lies.
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