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Rate The Players v Forest Green Rovers
12 September 2017 22:15 Post ID: #736589
74 Paul M Smith
Another three points taken from FGR on a difficult night sends City into the play-off zone. With the fixtures they have endured, that is no mean feat. Sean Raggett played 88 minutes of the game leaking blood from a head wound; when Danny called him irreplaceable, he was being entirely serious. Harry has his first goal in the Football League, Ginnelly is back to full fitness, and Sam is a starter again. A very nervous Mark Cooper will be avoiding Dale Vince like the eco-plague. What is not to like?

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks, and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Thursday.


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13 September 2017 14:20 Post ID: #736774 - in reply to #736589
80 Tom Maidment
Farman - 6 - not too busy, good kicking, good save from Doidge
Eardley - 6.5 - solid
Dickie - 6.5 - solid
Raggett - 8 - superb display, won just about anything that came near him
Habergham - 7 - solid, used possession well
Arnold - 5.5 - not really his night
Woodyard - 7.5 - just gets through an immense amount of work in 90 minutes
Bostwick - 6.5 - solid but a bit erratic in possession sometimes
Anderson - 7 - apart from the goal (great finish) didn't really come off for him
Knott - 6 - still want to see more from him
Palmer - 7 - thought he did well last night

Rhead - 6 - not much came off but his mere presence occupies the opposition
Ginnelly - 6 - did alright, would like to see a bit more pressure put on defenders if he plays that far forward

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13 September 2017 14:35 Post ID: #736782 - in reply to #736774
66 Stuart Bimson
Farman - 6
Eardley - 6.5
Dickie - 6.5 - solid
Raggett - 9
Habergham - 7
Arnold - 5
Woodyard - 7
Bostwick - 6
Anderson - 8
Knott - 6 -
Palmer - 7

Rhead - 6.5
Ginnelly - 6

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13 September 2017 18:31 Post ID: #736854 - in reply to #736589
Youth Player
As Danny said, they could hardly string three passes together, but what a determined performance

Farman 6.5 Again, so well protected he didn't have a lot to do. Only one truly awful kick.
Eardley 7.5 Quality, calm head, assist for the goal.
Dickie 7 Helped shackle a dangerous attack but missed several headers. Reserve only, I fear
Raggs 8.5 Awesome effort, especially with the head wound. Doidge hardly had a kick.
Habergham 7 Calmness personified.

Arnold 6.5 Some nice touches but still some way short of his best
Woodyard 7.5 Terrific battle, most of which he won
Bostwick 7.5 Now showing the consistency as well as the class
Anderson 7.5 Excellent effort but still runs the ball out of play too often

Palmer 7.5 Super effort, always available, good control & touch. Not Imps-fit yet?
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13 September 2017 18:38 Post ID: #736856 - in reply to #736589
Youth Player

Knott 7 Interesting playing up with/just behind Palmer. Plenty of effort and quality evident

Rhead 6.5 Helped us give them plenty to think about with the wind behind us but can't help feeling his influence on games is becoming more and more marginal
Ginnelly 6.5 Full of running but didn't show much going forward.
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13 September 2017 19:35 Post ID: #736872 - in reply to #736589
100 Colin Alcide
Farman 5.5 kicking was excellent to start with. Rightly picked up for taking too long over a kick and went to pot after that. Decent save late on
Eardley 7 solid, dependable
Raggs 7.5 very good when he was on the pitch, he wasn't that much in the first half. Good battle with their big lad up front who looked useful
Dickie 7 solid, good game
Sam - 7 steady Sam back to what he does best
Arnold 5.5 didn't get in the ball or seem able to control it in the conditions
Bostwick 8.5 what a beast of man. Scared FGR midfield witless! A warrior
Woody 8.5 ran himself all over, clever link up play. Our midfield totally bossed it
Anderson 9 goals win games and that was pure class. Their right back will be having nightmares about being done for pace by H for weeks to come
Knott 8 did well, great stuff in the first half
Palmer 8 looked really good first half, did really click with Rhead second

Rhead 6 and crack in the face for his trouble. Caused some them problems but the call wasn't sticking to him
Whitehouse 6.5 got stuck in when he came on
Gino 7 ran hard when he came on and gave them even more to think about at the back

Overall a really good performance on an awful night against a team of moaners. We played some really good stuff on the deck in the first half
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13 September 2017 21:07 Post ID: #736915 - in reply to #736589
45 Harold Troops
Watched full 90 mins on iFollow this evening so will post tomorrow. Too tired having been up at 4am.
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14 September 2017 10:19 Post ID: #736991 - in reply to #736589
74 Paul M Smith
Deadline 5pm today.
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14 September 2017 10:52 Post ID: #737004 - in reply to #736589
88 Freddy Simpson
Farman 6.5 Clean sheet, didn’t have an awful lot to do. 1 good save of note
Eardley 7 good game defensively crossing wasn’t good, but again weather affected.
Raggett 7.5 absolute soldier – was on the end of several headers from corners.
Dickie 7.5 solid, good game – we were down to 10 men for a few periods of the game, but FGR were unable to capitalise.
Habergham – 7 good steady performance, always in control
Arnold 5.5 -didn’t look like he was enjoying the conditions, didn’t contribute much-had a shot early on that didn’t trouble their keeper(the spitter)
Bostwick 8 was like having a 4x4 -suited the conditions, lots of energy –bossed the midfield
Woodyard 8 – Captain. had a few little runs with the ball which I think he needs to add more of to his game- knitted the midfield and the forward line together down the centre. Lots of energy mopping up lots of over-hit passes etc
Anderson 8 – had an ok game, needs to look up when on the ball more, but gets an extra point for the goal and winner.
Knott 7- much better performance, noticed he was busy harassing them, a more all round performance
Palmer 6.5 worked hard, some good touches, but can’t remember any attempts on goal.

Rhead 6 - was a strong presence up front and the last thing their defence needed Rheady with fresh legs. But didnt contribute ‘on’ the ball.
Whitehouse 6 provided plenty of running and got stuck in
Ginnelly 6 - was on the flank then went up front had one low shot that was saved.
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14 September 2017 12:18 Post ID: #737020 - in reply to #736589
85 Horace Green
Farman 6.5 Huge kicks off the ground, gave away free kick when too slow, one 45 degree slice, one decent save.
Eardley 7 Very professional performane in the conditions.
Raggs 7.5 Tough as an old boot, kept going off first half, more involved second.
Dickie 7.5. Did well, particularly first half when Raggs off the pitch.
Sam - 7 Took no risks, slowly got back into it, got forward on occasion, some neat one touch football.
Arnold 6.5 Not his best game but ran at their defence and played some good balls forward.
Bostwick 7.5 Some tough tackling and marshalling skills, takes a while to get back though.
Woody 8. Great football brain, far and away the most skilful and able player on the field.
Anderson 8.5 MOM. Gets an extra half point for the running and well taken goal.
Knott 7.5. Another quality assist. Seriously, did what was needed, mopped up, useful balls into their area.
Palmer 8 Much better than I have seen him before, great first touch, worked hard, tried to create chances.

Rhead 6.5 Did a job and also provided good defensive cover after our goal.
Whitehouse 6.5 Got stuck in, played his part in the game management at the end.
Gino 7 Just what we needed to keep them on the back foot, they were terrified of his pace and ball skills.

Horrible conditions and a stop start game which we bossed for much of the time.

Edited by berksimps 14/9/2017 12:21
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14 September 2017 17:17 Post ID: #737063 - in reply to #736589
45 Harold Troops
Hope you can include these as I've just got home.

Farman 7 better kicking with only one sliced. A very good save
Eardley 7 solid at the back
Raggs 7.5 Don't think I've ever seen such determination to play the full 90 mins
Dickie 7.5. Also did well at the back
Sam - 6.5 workmanlike performance with no errors that I can recall
Arnold 6 lots of running with little to see for it
Bostwick 7.5 more I see the more I like. Hard tackling midfield player
Woodyard 7.5 good game as per usual these days
Anderson 8.5 excellent goal and good around game
Knott 7 good game and good assist.
Palmer 8 Again the more I see the more i'm impressed

Rhead 6 Did ok and I was pleased to see him come on but is a marked man in every game now
Whitehouse 6 a tactical substitution and did what was needed
Ginnelly 7 Brought pace back in the terrible conditions and ran at their defence causing panic

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