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Rate The Players v Cambridge United
09 February 2018 23:41 Post ID: #779162
73 Gavin Gordon
The second goalless draw against Cambridge this season, clean sheet number twelve, another point towards our promotion bid and another stupendous away following. Twelve months ago we would not have believed that an away point at Cambridge in front of 1,678 Imps could possibly lead to squeaks of disappointment from some quarters, yet that is what we have. Did the players look tired? Were Cambridge a decent side after all? Their board of directors obviously don't think so, giving Mr Derry his marching orders just minutes after the final whistle.

Or perhaps reaching a major cup final and our first outing to Wembley has raised expectations too high.

Tell us what you think.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline 5pm on Monday.


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09 February 2018 23:58 Post ID: #779164 - in reply to #779162
Allsop-8- composed (makes a nice change great save in the second half, kicking a little suspect
Eardley -7.5- confident on the ball overlapped well with Rowe in the 2nd half
Waterfall -8-MOTM a return of the waterfall of
Wilson -6- solid before coming off injured
Habergham -7- of course
Pett -6- forgot he was on the pitch
Bostwick -7- a real bruiser, broke up Cambridge’s attacks brilliantly
Woodyard -7- always wanted the ball
Anderson -7.5- a threat going forward
Rhead -6- won headers
Green -4- form is on the slide again. Missed 2 simple chances

Wharton -6- solid debut
Rowe-7.5- instant impact
Palmer - 3.5- offers nothing,
Drew’s Broughton MKII
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10 February 2018 00:24 Post ID: #779170 - in reply to #779162
73 Gavin Gordon
Allsop - 8 - never really troubled and when called upon to do the business, he did.
Eardley - 7.5 - Not as good as his normal performances, but still a solid game.
Waterfall - 8.25 - a very creditable performance from Luke.
Wilson - 7 - a capable centre back who covered very well. Nasty injury by the look of it.
Habergham - 6.5 - Not as cool and collected as normal, but put in a good night's work.
Pett - 5.5 - I don't remember his involvement, maybe I missed it, but think not.
Bostwick - 7.5 - threw himself into everything, as always. Seemed to take a knock from one very poor foul which brought a yellow for the U's guy.
Woodyard - 7 - one of his lesser performances, but still very effective.
Anderson - 6 - looked jaded in my opinion but always tries and is capable of turning a game, Just not tonight.
Rhead - 7.5 - one or two deft touches; tried to set Green free second half with a sublime pass but Green couldn't quite bring it under control, unfortunately.
Green - 6.5 - nowhere near his best but, boy, does he put in the effort!

Wharton - 7 - he'll do well. Good start.
Rowe - 7 - Made a difference when he came on but we still didn't score.
Palmer - 6 - won more headers than he usually does and failed to take one reasonably good chance.

Waterfall shades the MotM for me.
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10 February 2018 00:29 Post ID: #779174 - in reply to #779162
100 Colin Alcide
Team wise the defence were holding off challenges again and Cambridge ran through our lines several times. That needs addressing. But a decent match, especially towards the end when it became like a cup game with both teams going for it. Glad I went!

Allsop - 7.5 MOTM - the save kept us in the game, and he seemed comfortable with the ball at his feet
Eardley - 7 - solid as ever, good overlapping with Rowe.
Waterfall - 7 - a rock who rocks.
Wilson - 7 - brought it out from the back well, very bad timing for him and the team on the injury.
Habergham - 6 - seems low on confidence going forward.
Pett - 6 - bit of running but not much else.
Bostwick - 7 - rugged as ever but some of those high balls...
Woodyard - 6 - gave the ball away too often with his passing. Never seemed to want to play it forward.
Anderson - 6 - close control and final ball were off all night.
Rhead - 6.5 - Rheady did the Rheady thing, but not as well as he'd have liked.
Green - 5- Lots of running but control always lets him down. I've lost count of the times I've watched the ball ping off his foot on first touch and hit him in the face.

Wharton - 6.5 - thank god (DC) we had him on the bench. Very encouraging.
Rowe - 7 - a powerhouse who changes our game, especially when he bombs forward with Eardley overlapping. Our best player on the ball by a long way.
Palmer - 5 - another unconvincing sub appearance.

Edited by graemetheexile 10/2/2018 00:43
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10 February 2018 01:11 Post ID: #779189 - in reply to #779162
85 Horace Green
Allsop - 7.5 nothing to do first half, caught well, threw well, one great save, kicking ok, very good on the ball
Eardley - 7 Got forward well, some well timed tackles, occasionally beaten for pace.
Waterfall - 7. Safe defending, come good headers, covered our midfield.
Wilson - 6.5. In control, won most headers, happy to pass rather than hoof. Fractured ankle?
Habergham - 6.5. Reserved, a few passes astray, good crosses and set plays.
Pett - 6. Barely noticed his contribution.
Bostwick - 6 Great first half, but chasing shadows after an hour, blowing and as a result played too deep. Possibly better as a centre back
Woodyard - 6 Poor by his standards, gave the ball away far too much, did not get forward enough, a bit slow and looked knackered second half.
Anderson - 7. Some great runs, but also seeemingly easily read at times. Another one who looked tired as the game went on.
Rhead - 7. Won virtually every header, probably should have scored, always a handful.
Green - 7.5 MOM The man is a machine, reached virtually every through ball sent in his direction. Great work rate, should have scored.

Wharton - 6. Ok, but fairly anonymous.
Rowe - 7. Better when he came on, an instant impact.
Palmer - 6. Hassled reasonably, looked for a shooting chance, could have scored with a flick.

A fairly turgid first half was replaced by some tough end to end stuff later on. Bossie and Woodyard didn't seem to always complment each other and reverted to a defensive midfield roll. Either side could have won it in the last quarter.
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10 February 2018 02:18 Post ID: #779192 - in reply to #779162
86 Ian Branfoot
Observations from i-Follow. A very tired looking performance from many, no doubt Tuesday having taken its toll. Have to say the Cambridge pitch looked superb.

Allsop - 7.5 - excellent game. Close to MoM. Competent and looked to provide the defence with the confidence they need. From what I saw on i-Follow looked like one brilliant save from the header in the second half.
Eardley - 6.5 - good energy levels and covered well. Crosses jot quite up to his usual standard (too near the keeper too often).
Waterfall - 8 - MoM. Covered everything at the back.
Wilson - 7 - was doing well until his injury. Hope its not serious.
Habergham - 7 - looked a bit leg-weary on occasion but still reasonably solid.
Pett - 5 - not a good start - pretty much anonymous and struggled to get into the game. Did he get injured first half?
Bostwick - 7.5 - huge as usual - where does he get his energy (four Weetabix?)
Woodyard - 7.5 - usual Duracell bunny game. All over pitch demanding ball.
Anderson - 6 - thought he looked a bit leg weary as well as a couple of times he was sluggish in trying, and failing, to beat his FB. They also put two on him every time he threatened.
Rhead - 6.5 - did what he does best. Some nice flick-ons and passes. Wish he would not try & get in the ref's ear quite so much. Sure it goes against him sometimes.
Green - 7 - usual energetic game. Missed a couple of good chances.

Wharton - 7 - good solid debut. Looks assured and decent.
Rowe - 7 - got at Cambridge defenders as soon as he came on.
Palmer - 6 - less effective than he has been.
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10 February 2018 05:01 Post ID: #779195 - in reply to #779162
On Loan
also viewed from i-follow

Allsop 8. Great second half save.
Eardley 7
Waterfall 7
Wilson 7
Habergham 6.5
Pett 5
Bostwick 7.5
Woodyard 7.5 (thought he played better than recently)
Anderson 7
Rhead 6.5
Green 7 (dont understand criticism he gets, never stops running, fast with good technique)

Wharton 7
Rowe 7.5 looked the most dangerous when he came on
Palmer 6

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10 February 2018 09:31 Post ID: #779218 - in reply to #779195
86 Ian Branfoot
Allsop 7.5 - Looked comfortable, handling and organisation good, one excellent save in the second half
Eardley 7 - Was left exposed at times and their winger caused him problems but his contribution was still good
Waterfall 7 - Solid defensive performance
Wilson 7 - Good tackling, looks comfortable on the ball, hope his injury isn't too bad
Habergham 6.5 - Not his best defensive performance but contributed well to our attacking play
Pett 5 - Looked a bit rusty, not much joy on the wings
Bostwick 8 - Another 100% performance, was everywhere and breaking up Cambridge attacks and got forward a few times
Woodyard 7 - Solid performance
Anderson 7 - Had some joy on the wing and had a goal disallowed but crossing a bit disappointing at times
Rhead 6.5 - Gave it his all as always
Green 7 - Shooting wasn't always great but was always involved in our attacks

Wharton 7 - Good defensive performance
Rowe 7 - One really good run which might have ended better, brought a much needed spark to our attack
Palmer 6 - Did get involved in the attacks but lacked any real potency
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10 February 2018 09:45 Post ID: #779223 - in reply to #779162
93 Derek Bell
Allsop 7

Eardley 7
Waterfall 7
Wilson 7
Habergham 7

Pett 6
Bostwick 6
Woodyard 6
Anderson 6

Rhead 6
Green 6

Wharton 7
Rowe 6
Palmer 6
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10 February 2018 10:17 Post ID: #779229 - in reply to #779162
96 John Finnigan
Selection of Allsop now looking to be a good decision.
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10 February 2018 13:31 Post ID: #779295 - in reply to #779162
80 Tom Maidment
Allsop - 7 - He's a hard one to judge as never seems to have much to do, but good footwork and one fine save
Eardley - 6.5
Waterfall - 6.5
Wilson - 6
Habergham - 6
Pett - 5.5 - Only one invovement of note from where I was
Bostwick - 6.5
Woodyard - 6
Anderson - 6.5
Rhead - 6
Green - 6.5 - Somebody near me referred to him as lazy, no further comment needed

Wharton - 6.5 - Seemed competent from the the other end
Rowe - 6
Palmer - 6
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11 February 2018 18:00 Post ID: #779630 - in reply to #779162
73 Gavin Gordon
Deadline 5pm tomorrow (Monday).
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11 February 2018 18:20 Post ID: #779635 - in reply to #779162
On Loan
Allsop 7

Eardley 7
Waterfall 8
Wilson 7
Habergham 7

Pett 6
Bostwick 7
Woodyard 6
Anderson 6 .5

Rhead 7
Green 8

Wharton 7
Rowe 7
Palmer 6

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12 February 2018 14:26 Post ID: #779756 - in reply to #779162
43 Tony Lormor
From iFollow

Allsop - 7.5 Quiet first half but an excellent save in the second.
Eardley - 6.5 Decent performance at the back. Crosses a bit wayward
Waterfall - 7.5 Very good at the back. In command of defence.
Wilson - 6.5 Some decent tackles. Hope he isn't seriously injured
Habergham - 6 Some dodgy passes and looked tired
Pett - 5 A very non descript performance
Bostwick - 8 started a little slow but then dominated. My MOTM just from Waterfall
Woodyard - 7 Good maximum effort again
Anderson - 6 One of those evening really. Heavily marked he failed to break down Cambridge's defense.
Rhead - 6.5 Won every 50-50 header and unlucky not to score
Green - 6.5 Missed a few chances

Wharton - 6.5 Good debut
Rowe - 6.5 Injected some pace into our attack
Palmer - 6 Our super sub didn't really add much

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