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Rate The Players v Mansfield Town
06 March 2018 22:11 Post ID: #786071
73 Gavin Gordon
What a very good point, which could prove crucial come 5pm on 5 May. The stats suggest Lincoln were the better side, with 14 shots to Mansfield's 6. Was that the case? Did 4-3-3 work, or did we only get going once reverted to 4-4-2? Ollie Palmer now has 7 to his name, 4 of which have come off the bench. Important goals, all of them. Silly by Luke Waterfall, confirmed as throwing a water bottle into the Mansfield fans. Could be very damaging, especially if he is charged by the FA. As potentially damaging are yellow cards for Rhead and Bostwick, both now just one booking away from a 2-game ban each. Can they avoid a yellow each in the remaining two games before the cut-off (game 37)? Is the play-off dream still alive and kicking, or alive but spluttering? You tell us.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline: 5pm on Thursday.


Palmer (rateable because he scored)

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06 March 2018 22:22 Post ID: #786076 - in reply to #786071
92 Ron Harbertson
Allsop 7 - solid all evening

Eardley 8 - excellent as always
Waterfall 8 - outstanding and will be a major loss of he’s now out for 3 games
Wharton 8 - also excellent in the back 4
Habergham 8 - solid and decent with distribution

Frecklington 7 - vital part of a solid looking midfield
Bostwick 7 - occasionally a bit too quick to hoof, but put in his usual shift and played a lot more football than of late
Woodyard 9 - outstanding - back to his brilliant best tonight

Green 7 - quiet night out on the right flank, but played his part and rarely gave the ball away
Rhead 7 - won plenty of headers but must stop the stupid bookings for dissent
Williams 7 - read the Rhead flicks and knock downs well, put himself about well too

Rowe 7 - looked a threat
Anderson 6 - played his part
Palmer 8 - has looked a threat off the bench more and more in recent weeks - perfect super sub performance
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07 March 2018 00:16 Post ID: #786107 - in reply to #786071
84 Dick Krzywicki
Allsop 7: Had a relatively quiet night and didn't do much wrong.
Eardley 7: Solid as usual.
Waterfall 5: Points deducted for losing his head at the end. Did okay, but I was surprised how many times he was beaten in the air by Danny Rose. His three-game ban now could be costly.
Wharton 7: Won a lot of headers and even carried the ball forward a couple of times.
Habergham 6: Steady down the left, but does need to vary his crosses/corners a little.
Frecklington 6: I think he's trying too hard. Seemed to give the ball away numerous times
Bostwick 8: A giant in midfield again and one of those days he is going to burst a ball with the ferocity he heads it.
Woodyard 8: Worked ever so hard in the middle and looked to get forward a lot.
Green 6: Wasn't that effective out wide, but still made himself a decent chance with that bicycle kick.
Rhead 8.5: It shows what a good game he was having by Danny leaving him on for the entire match. Won countless headers and he grabbed another assist with a perfect header for Palmer. Still needs to cut out his silly antics though.
Williams 7.5: I thought he was having an excellent game and am surprised he was taken off. For a lad who has not been used much since he arrived, this was his perfect chance to show what he could do and he took it.

Rowe 6: Added an attacking threat on the wings, although didn't seem to be involved too much.
Anderson 6.5: Should have scored and had their defence on the retreat at times.
Palmer (rateable because he scored) 7.5: Anther impact performance and terrific finish. Time for a start?
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07 March 2018 09:19 Post ID: #786136 - in reply to #786071
Reserve Team
Allsop 7
Eardley 7.5
Waterfall 7
Wharton 5.5
Habergham 5.5
Frecklington 5
Bostwick 5.5
Woodyard 7
Green 6
Rhead 7
Williams 7

Rowe 7
Anderson 7
Palmer (rateable because he scored) 7.5

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07 March 2018 19:56 Post ID: #786330 - in reply to #786071
79 Alf Horne
Allsop - 6.5 Kicking sometimes not great but I think is calmness rubs off on the defence.
Eardley - 7.5 Great to see him back
Waterfall - 6 Wasn't sure how to mark him, how much do you make him down for a moment of madness I'm sure he regrets now compared to his performance for the other 89 mins. Didn't cost us points I suppose
Wharton - 6.5
Habergham - 6
Frecklington - 5.5
Bostwick - 6
Woodyard - 7 - Playing in a 3 he was almost playmaker
Green - 6.5
Rhead - 7 - Wonder if their centre half has let go of his shirt yet
Williams - 7 - Very energetic and some good runs

Rowe - 6
Anderson - 6.5
Palmer - 6.5
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07 March 2018 20:17 Post ID: #786343 - in reply to #786071
94 Jimmy Grummett snr
Allsop - 6.5 - capable, did his job well, I thought his distribution was generally excellent
Eardley 8 - class thoughout, can we keep him?
Waterfall - 6 - loses 1 for the silly red, generally solid otherwise
Wharton - 7 - capable and composed, defended well and looked to use the ball well in possession
Habergham - 6.5 - not quite '7' but getting there
Frecklington - 5 - off the pace, not yet a starter for me
Bostwick - 6.5 - not his best game by his usual standards
Woodyard - 8 - back to his best
Green - 7.5 - usual hard-running performance, playing wider in 4-3-3 meant we were often short in the box
Rhead - 7 - mixed evening, suprised he stayed on instead of Green then he beasted the Mansfield defence, set up the equaliser, nearly won it for us and certianly should have had a penalty
Williams - 7.5 - 'on method' has pace and committment

Rowe 6- cameo rather than a major contribution, nearly worked a good chance
Anderson - 7 we looked better with him on the pitch
Palmer (rateable because he scored) - 8 (because he scored)

4-3-3 didn't really work, we were always competitive though got a bit ragged after Mansfield's goal and we were lacking bodies in the box at times. Stretched play better when reverted to 4-4-2, would ideally just swap Harry for Freck on Saturday but Waterfall's ban will need Bossie at CB, in which case I'd be inclined to start Whitehouse too.

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07 March 2018 20:37 Post ID: #786349 - in reply to #786071
Youth Player
Allsop 6
Eardley 8
Waterfall 6.5
Wharton 6
Habergham 6.5
Frecklington 5.5
Bostwick 6
Woodyard 6.5
Green 6
Rhead 8
Williams 7

Rowe 6.5
Anderson 6.5
Palmer 7
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08 March 2018 11:42 Post ID: #786438 - in reply to #786071
73 Gavin Gordon
Any more? Deadline 5pm today (Thursday).
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08 March 2018 13:23 Post ID: #786453 - in reply to #786071
41 Paul Morgan
Allsop - 6 No chance against for their goal. Aside from that a competent all round performance
Eardley - 7.5 Good performance and kept getting forward and picking out Rhead
Waterfall - 6 Played well but what on earth was he thinking
Wharton - 6 Reasonable game
Habergham - 6 As per Wharton
Frecklington - 5 I was really looking forward to Frecks return but appart from the debut its not really working yet
Bostwick - 6 Battled away in midfield
Woodyard - 7 Much better than some of his recent outings for us.
Green - 6 Resonable game
Rhead - 7.5 Constantly fouled but kept on battling leading to the flick on for Palmer to net
Williams - 7 Good high tempo game

Rowe - 6 Nothing that really caught my attention
Anderson - 6 As per Rowe
Palmer - 7 Well taken goal

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08 March 2018 20:52 Post ID: #786539 - in reply to #786071
87 Bobby Owen
Sorry it's late Scotty so feel free to ignore, so much to do so little time.

Alsop 6
Eardley. 8
Sam. 6
Waterfall. 6
Wharton 7
Freck. 5
Bozzie. 7
Woodyard. 6
Green. 6
Rhead 7
Williams. 7

Anderson 6
Rowe 6
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